Paul Walker, also known as Kikaida, is an android created to thwart the evil organization known as DARK.

Escaping DARK by using his Side Machine, Paul went back to DARK's base, where Doctor Komyoji and his daughter were at. Speaking to them about his Conscience Circuit, Paul was about to have it completed when the sinister Professor Gill, spoke through a mike, revealing that he knew Dr. Komyoji betrayed him. The base was then set on fire, with Komyoji disappearing in said fire after telling Paul to stop DARK and their ambitions.

Although Paul and Mitsuko Komyoji made it out alive, they were unable to regroup with Dr. Komyoji, who also made it out alive with amnesia. Later on, Gray Rhino King disguises himself as Dr. Komyoji to try and trick Masaru Komyoji into believing himself as his father. When that didn't work, Gray Rhino King kidnaps Masaru and uses him as a trap against Paul.

Transforming into Kikaida then saving Masaru and himself from the trap, Paul engages his foe in combat once more. Although Paul won, this was only the start for the long battle between him and Destructoids. Afterwards, Paul would continue to fight against DARK's other Destructoids and destroy them, sometimes with varying results in terms of the situation.

You can try and get an attitude with Paul unless you want a punch to the face or your feelings broken. Paul wants to be liked by everyone, he doesn't like confrontation but, he will not hesitate to give a nasty attitude back to someone who is rude to him.

Paul is attractive because his passion and body movements make him charismatic. His speech makes him charming. He combined his charm with his good-looks to make him even better looking to women. Paul is far more liberal, as he is very tolerant and farsighted, having no problems with sexual orientation.


Paul is good to a fault: he is worldly wise, socially at ease with people, very athletic, and apparently sexually confident with women. He is excessively kind-hearted, polite, motivated, cheerful, civically minded and brave to a fault. He's nice, compassionate, and a gentleman. He is an amazingly charming android.

It is a known fact that Paul dislikes having to kill another human being and it remains a sensitive topic for him.